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Moving Out Checklist: What It Should and Shouldn’t Include

Ready to move to a new home? Want to make sure everything goes smoothly? If so, plan ahead.

Relocating can be a chore. You have to move all of your belongings, get rid of unnecessary items, and buy packing supplies. On top of that, it’s necessary to research and find a reliable moving company.

In a survey, two out of three people who moved recently said it was their most stressful life event. It’s actually more stressful than starting a new job or ending a relationship.

The key is to plan every step of the process. The sooner you start, the better. This way, you’ll know how to get things done and in what order.

Start with a moving out checklist. Prepare it at least two months in advance. Use these tips to get organized.

How to Make a Moving Out Checklist

Depending on your preferences, download a moving out checklist or write things down. Consider the date of your relocation. Start the list with the most important tasks.

First, decide what you’d like to keep. Check every room and sort your belongings. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you going to move your furniture or just the small stuff?
  • Is your new home furnished? What appliances will you need?
  • How are you going to move your belongings?
  • Are there any items that require insurance coverage?
  • Do you wish to donate or sell unnecessary items?
  • How long before moving do you need to cancel cable TV, the Internet, and electricity services?

Organize a garage sale or donate unnecessary stuff to charity. These can include clothes, appliances, kitchenware, or furniture. Recycle the items that you can not sell or donate.

If you hire a moving company, check the non-allowable list for items. For instance, movers may not be allowed to transport pesticides, pool chemicals, or car batteries.

Once you cover the basics, get organized by prioritizing the key points on your list and set deadlines.

Get Organized

Make an inventory of the items you’re planning to move. If necessary, arrange for storage in your new location.

Next, get packing supplies. Order bubble wrap, tape, and boxes in different sizes. If you have a pet, purchase a carrier and travel accessories.

Contact at least three different moving companies and request quotes. Ask how and when they will pick up your goods. Make sure they will cover any damages that may occur during transportation.

Check your rights and responsibilities before moving. Beware that your mover can not change the price after loading the goods.

Your moving out checklist should include multiple routes to the new location. This helps prevent any issues that may occur on the day of the move.

Remember to contact utility companies and ask about canceling your contracts. Discuss with insurance agents to see if it’s necessary to make any changes to your policies. Do these things about one month before moving.

On your big day, pack a box with supplies for the first night in your new location. It can include food, clothes, paper rolls, and personal care products.

Take a final tour of your old home to make sure you haven’t left anything behind.

Ready to Start a New Life?

With proper planning, you can reduce the stress of changing homes.

The right moving company can make a world of difference. Contact us to get a free estimate! We are here to help!